First races

Hello everyone!

Another blokart day is in the books.

The day started of pretty early, as Lieven had a 8:00 meeting with the race commitee. Afterwards, he and I got some practice in, but around 9:00 we were back for the briefing.

The wind was dropping and shifting all day and the races were organized a bit sloppy and rather slow. There were only 5 races run during the day and I personally had done 4 – ! – restarts before we got properly going. I did manage to win the race, Lieven got sixth and Nico did not participate as he was still assembling his kart.

When the wind had ultimately dropped, everyone was waiting until the races were cancelled for the day. Meanwhile some locals had set up a game called Cornhole, which is a throwing game, a bit like jeu de boules. It was lots of fun.

Check out the pictures of the day:

Ahead for tomorrow is some more races for the North American Championships, altough the forecasts aren’t very promising.

Talk to you guys later!

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2 comments on “First races

  1. els haverhals on said:

    Dag Jean,
    Gewonnen gisteren, meen ik te lezen…! En je weet: goed begonnen, is half gewonnen.
    Ik duim voor meer wind: we blazen met z’n allen westwaarts.
    By the way: Krista vindt je engels prima!
    Tot later, kus van mama

  2. Berenice Van den Brande on said:

    Proficiat met de overwinning vandaag, Jan! Hoop dat jullie het erg naar jullie zin hebben.
    Go for it! Prachtige website trouwens.
    Dikke kus, ook aan de papa,

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