Team Belgium One is complete

Hey all,

this entry is a little late, I am sorry for that.

Yesterday morning, we went to the inscriptions and afterwards straight to the beach. We started out with a 5.5 sail, but quickly moved to a 4 and even a three, all before noon. I hit my personal top speed with a 4m sail: 78kph
Then the scruteneering started: Lieven was there checking karts for multiple hours while I was in and out in about 20 minutes.
Around 14:00 the wind really started kicking in and even I got my 2m² sail out.
At 16:00 we headed towards Vegas to pick up Nico, the third member of Team Belgium One.
We had some nice steak at the Steakhouse in the casino and then went straight to bed .

Today the first day of the North American Championships starts, but the wind is expected to be light or none at all.

The pics of the day:

See you all tomorrow!

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