Vegas baby!

Hey all,

we’ve had another awesome day in the States!

Yesterday evening, we headed for Vegas with the intention to eat there. However, everything was so crowded and busy that we didn’t have the courage to get out of the car, so we basicly just did a round trip! I did make some pictures tough, check ‘em out at the end of the page.

Today, we met lots of familiar European faces, including Jan and Maaike (NED), Tim (GBR), Matas (LTH), les bleus (FRA), Karin and Olaf (GER) and Eduardo (ESP).
We both got in quite some miles, as there was a pretty strong wind throughout the whole day. We were able to size up the competition as some trail runs were organized.

With winds around 6bft I hit 78 kph with my new 3m² sail.

Some of the pics of today:

Tomorrow will be another busy day: we’ll start with our inscription and afterwards Lieven will be doing the scruteneering. In the afternoon we will be picking up Nico from Vegas so Team Belgium One will finally be complete!

See you guys!

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